What is the Q value of an inductor?A few words, I will explain it to you

“Another factor that affects the Q value is the substrate. The coil may be provided with a substrate made of ferrite or ceramic material. In the frequency range of hundreds of megahertz and above, ferrite substrates cannot be used, but ceramic materials should be used. The figure below shows the Q value and frequency response of inductors using different materials. “ Question: Q value of […]


Has been defrauded of millions of dollars! Scam apps are rampant in the App Store, netizens: “Apple only cares about rake!”

Apple users know that there is only one way to download software on their devices, and that is the App Store, Apple’s official app store. Apple, which has always regarded “security” as a big trump card, naturally scrutinizes its applications. But now, please pay attention to the “fruit fans”: some “honestly” scam apps have been mixed into the App Store and have scammed millions of […]


What inspiration does the “Double Eleven” carnival bring to brick-and-mortar stores?

With a “ding dong” sound, the large characters “Data importing completed” popped out with a fresh and pleasant prompt sound, making the inherent high value of curved screen mobile phones more colorful. “You can start using it!” The ponytail girl holding the phone was full of smiles, looking like she was overflowing with happiness, while the boyfriend who got the couple’s model on the side […]


These 320,000 5G base stations are actually built and shared

2020 is the first year of China’s large-scale 5G construction. China Telecom and China Unicom will build 5G networks in a co-construction and sharing manner. This is not only a difficulty in network construction this year, but also a bright spot in the construction of the network. On September 10 this year, the two parties jointly built and shared for a full year, and quickly […]


How car keyless entry systems were hacked

“A keyless entry system is standard on most modern cars. Its biggest advantage is convenience, the vehicle itself can detect the key and automatically unlock. But many have questioned the security of such systems. They argue that the convenience of a keyless entry system sometimes comes at a price: information security. “ By: Dr. Dennis Kengo Oka, Chief Automotive Safety Strategist, Synopsys A keyless entry […]


Car regulation chip Dark Horse Qixin Micro completes a new round of financing, Xiaomi and SAIC have entered the market one after another

Suzhou Qixin Micro semiconductor Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Qixin Micro), which focuses on automotive chips, recently announced the completion of a new round of financing. This is the fourth round of financing completed since the company was founded one year ago. The cumulative amount has reached hundreds of millions of yuan. Fang includes SAIC’s Shangqi Capital, Xiaomi Investment, Jingwei Hengrun, Shunwei, Yaotu Capital, […]


Realization of high-speed signal transmission based on power line based on OFDM technology

“With the advancement of technology, the Internet has begun to involve all aspects of people’s lives. Extending the network to the home, realizing home networking, the Internet access of household appliances and the intellectualization of the home, etc., have attracted more and more attention from many companies and developers at home and abroad, and has become another new goal of network technology development and competition. […]


How to use power modules and wide bandgap to achieve dual battery management in mild hybrid vehicles

“In order to cope with climate change and reduce travel pressure, the state has issued a series of policies, including the implementation of the “National VI” emission standards. The outside world refers to the “National VI” emissions as the most stringent “emission standards” in history. In fact, since the implementation of the “National VI” standard, many car owners have stated that exhaust emissions have been […]


Leading Intelligence: Won the bid for the 3.2 billion lithium battery production equipment project of CATL

Pioneer Intelligence announced on November 10 that the company and its wholly-owned subsidiary, Titan New Power, have successively received bid-winning notices from major customers CATL and its holding subsidiaries via emails from September 21 to the date of announcement disclosure. , the total winning bid for lithium battery production equipment is about 3.228 billion yuan (excluding tax), accounting for about 68.92% of the company’s total […]


From being popular all over the world to no one is interested, why are fewer and fewer people using Samsung phones?

Samsung mobile phones are smart phones developed by the Samsung Group. Samsung mobile phones have really become popular around the world from the A series. The A series was originally a foldable mobile phone series. The earliest Samsung SGH-A188 (white appearance) and Samsung SGH-A288 (internal and external dual screen) are classics. The Galaxy series can be said to be the most successful series of Samsung […]